Glass Hearts

Sometimes your heart shatters


Inside your chest

So gently

With such apology

It may be weeks


Or years

Before the loss awakens within you.


Not until the silence of the missing beats

Drowns out the noise of your mind;

Until, grudgingly, you peer inside your chest

And there at last you see it:

Your lungs, your liver, your veins,

The amaranthine organs below the surface

Scratched raw and bleeding from the

Jagged shards

And in place of your heartbeat

(rhythmic and primal)

There is only the faint clinking

of broken glass.


If chafes to be born


The primordial call of the storm

Echoes in my mind.

Above, lightning

Cuts the sky in half

And my blood sings, electric.

There is a live current in my veins

Pulsing just below the surface.

My eyes crackle and spark.

My body is a live wire.

I feel the rush against wings

I have never had.

The rain sizzles against my body,

Creating clouds of pearlescent vapor.

My souls pushes against my skin

Yearning to break free

And dance again in the kingdom of air currents.

Twisting and swirling with my kin

In a chaotic festival of



And rain.


If I could pick up the world like a marble,

What would I feel?

The mountains pricking my finger

Until blood is drawn,

Washing the peaks below in warm redness?

If I could pick up the world like a marble,

Could I feel

The wisps and feathering

Of clouds against my skin,

Leaving behind a light tingle

A drop of moisture

Before they vaporize in the heat of my skin?

If I could pick up the world like a marble,

Would the oceans

Splash against me,

Waves cresting and pulling

Against my motionless grip?

The Abduction of Kore

The sunlight above

A meadow bright and airy,

The promise of spring.


The wind carries the

Scent of daffodils, lilies,

Marigolds, daises.


Kore hears birdsong.

The light glitters in her hair-

It waves in the breeze.


The ground cracks open.

A fissure splits the meadow,

The sunlight darkens.


The Lord of the Dead

Springs forth in his chariot

As lightning flashes.


Eyes of onyx shine.

They do not move from her face.

Hell-horses nicker.


She is still, eyes wide,

Paralyzed by shock and fear.

The birds go quiet.


He snatches her up.

She screams, struggles in his grip

But he is stronger.


The chariot moves.

It disappears in the chasm.

The fissure closes.


The sky is blue again.

Safe in their haven of trees,

The birds sing again.